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Máy ép cos pin IZUMI REC-5431 - IZUMI LIC-5431

Máy ép cos pin IZUMI REC-5431 - IZUMI LIC-5431

(1 đánh giá)

REC-5431 / LIC-5431


12 Tháng

IZUMI REC-5431 12 Tấn Hành trình : 31mm Pin: 14,4VDC/BP-70MH (REC-5431) 14,4VDC/BP-14LN (LIC-5431) Dung tích : 135cc



Battery Operated Tools (Compression Tools)

Accepts existing 12 ton U-type dies

Ram stroke : 31 mm
Motor : 14.4 VDC
Reservoir capacity : 135 cc
Force at die face : 106 kN
392(L) x 343(H) x 70 (W) mm
5.9 kg (less battery)
Shoulder strap,
Double molded carrying case,
Battery and charger,
Dies are sold separately.
Specify the manufacturer's die and connector numbers.
Specify charger input voltage.
* Battery operated pistol type compression tool
* Rapid ram advance mechanism
* Well balanced design
* 31 mm Jaw opening C head
* 14.4VDC powerful motor
* Right or Left handed operation
* Accepts all dies used for Alcoa, Burndy, T&B, Klauke, Cembre and Blackburn 12 ton U-type dies
* Optional DC charger
* Quality backed by ISO9001

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