Bộ tô vít cách điện 1000V OPT SW-867-A7

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OPT SW-867-A7


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Bộ tô vít cách điện 1000V OPT SW-867-A7

Each FatMax insulated screwdriver is individually tested to 1,000 volts.
The soft-grip handle gives the perfect combination of great grip plus reduces fatigue and its large diameter offers greater torque needed for driving wood screws.
Handle is moulded direct to bar giving a virtually unbreakable bond.
Colour coded ends for easy identification of the right screwdriver for each screw type.
Smooth domed end for fast spinning action, speed and comfort.
This 7 piece set contains;
Parallel : 0.5x3x80mm, 1x5.5x125mm, 1.2x6.5x150mm
Phillips: PH.0 x 75 mm , PH.1 x 75mm, PH.2 x 100 mm
Voltage Tester 145mm (120 - 250V)

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